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Supergun VOGATEK MKIII JAMMA NeoGeo saida Scart


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Supergun VOGATEK MKIII JAMMA MVS NeoGeo saida Scart

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Supergun VOGATEK MKIII saida Scart para TV

Motherboard supergun para jogos JAMMA & MVS NeoGeo com ligaçao para TV via Scart.
VOGATEK MKIII © by Romeo Cervi

Instruçoes e cuidados de instalaçao !

O Arcade Supergun MKIII é compativel com NeoGeo MVS motherboards e pcbs JAMMA. DC type microswitch arcade controls can be directly wired to the two 10 ways terminal blocks. The pcb legend identifies the connections. 6 button games can be played. The gamer will have to directly connect the 3 kick buttons from the arcade pcb kick harness to the DC type arcade controls.

A 3 way terminal block has connections for NeoGeo ® select and test functions.

A Mono/Stereo switch is included to allow the gamer to select either JAMMA Sound which is Mono or NeoGeo ® sound which is Stereo.

The video output is Scart which is manly used in Europe. It gives a higher quality picture than composite or S-Video. In some models of TV you may have to manually select the Scart channel by using the on screen display menu. You can use a wide range of passive speakers, from 2W to 15W but ideally we recommend you use Stereo passive speakers with a combinated speaker power of 10W and each speaker having 8 ohms impedance.

You can use a wide range of ATX power supplies, from 250W to 600W but ideally we recommend you to use one with a 400W Power Rating and have an On/Off switch.

Please switch Off the TV and ATX power supply before changing arcade pcbs attached to the Vogatek MKIII arcade Supergun. A power surge on the TV set’s Scart socket could damage the TV !
Arcade Joystick cannot be responsible or in charge for misuse / manipulation / modification of the Supergun motherboard.

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